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   Datasheet | Manual
Available size : 96 x 96 ,96x48 Led display External Box : Ex. Flameproof / M S or S S Box
Unitech RPM Indicator cum Controller, model UT-801 is an ideal instrument for measuring the speed of any rotating part. The input signal can be pulses from any PULSE generating device . The basic feed in parameter for RPM calculation and display is PPR ( Pulse per Revolution Ratio ). Based on these feed ins, the instrument comes up with a definite display for SPEED. Model UT-801 is capable to display the RPM value to the resolution of maximum 4 digits with programmable range selection. However the RPM value is auto calculated, but this programmed range can set the value of retransmission signals which can be optionally taken from the instrument. Further it can be designed to generate maximum of 4 nos. of potential free contacts. All the configurations like PPR, setpoints, alarm types, ZERO and SPAN for retransmission etc. can be done with the help of front keys only . It is alsofacilitated with internal transmitter power supply of 12/24 V DC, to power up proximity sensors.

► µP Based Power, full & highly reliable controller.
► Wide range from up to 9,999 R.P.M.
► Accepts inputs like proximity switch, photo sensors, voltage pulses...
► P.P.R. Multipliers and quartz crystal time base.
► No mechanical moving parts
► Transmitter P.S. @ 12/24V DC.
► Gives max. 4 on/off outputs.
► Retransmission output on Speed.
► Various sizes / Mountings / Enclosures supported.
► RS-485/232 Comm. O/P provided
► Power supply :230V/110V AC. Or 24V/12V DC
► Isolated 0/4-20mA process value retransmission output.

Computer Software Available (SCADA) for On line Process viewing, contorting & Data logging.
Technical Specification:-
Input Input Type PNP / NPN Proximity ( NC type ) – 3 wire
PNP / NPN Proximity ( NO type ) – 3 wire
Magnetic pickup – 2/3 wire
Namur type – 2/3 wire
User is required to give Blow Parameter like PPR ratio,Setpoint  / Alm. Type/ Hyst.. ( for c/o o/p ) Z and S
( for retransmission )
Transmitter power supply 24 V DC @ 30 mA max, isolated from I/p & O/P.
Range limits Programable -0 to 9999 with decimal point.
Accuracy +/- 0.25 % of span
Control Mode
Indication 4 digit 7 segment display for PV display
Status indication LEDs for Relay status & Communications
Output On Off control Relays
Relay Output • NO - C - NC Contacts , 5A@240 V AC Resistive
• 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Relays / SSR output
Retransmition Current & Voltage outputs 4~20, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V DC, fully 3 port isolated 1.5KV
Communication Communication Protocol & mathode Modbus RTU RS- 485/RS- 232 communications.
Programeble parameter & Connectable number Baud rate , Node, Parity , nodeaddress , stop bit. & 0-256 unit.
Setpoint / Hysteresis / High scale / Low scale Full range as per input selection.
Relay logic F.S. high & low alarm
Display resolution 0 to 9999 fully configurable for linear input
Programming of parameters Through 4 tactile keys
Other Mounting Panel mounted
(A) Supply voltage
(B) Power consumption
(A)- 110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
(B) 4 watts maximum
Operating ambient temperature and humidity •  0~50 °C 
•  Below 90%, non condensing
Datasheet | Manual