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Room Pressure (DP) Indicator with Integral or remote sensor External Box : Ex. Flameproof with S S Box

► FDA 21 CFR part 11 - GAMP-4 compatible.
► Micro controller based indicator with inbuilt DP measurement.
► Incorporates highly stable built-in or DP sensor. (with different unit like mmwc/ pa/ kpa/ mmhg)
► 3 Digit, 0.56" bright LED display for displaying DP
► Process parameter Hi and Low LEDs. Status indication For one channel.
► User selectable set limits for process value violation.
► Inbuilt buzzer to audible process value violation.
► Password protection for calibration and programming mode.
► Software base Calibration .
► MODBUS RTU multi drop RS-485 serial communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.
► Programmable devise address, baud rate, (max no. of device is 1-256).
► Remote programmable from master device.
► User programmable offset correction.
► Compact, All Stainless Steel or FLP enclosure with 35 mm depth for installation in prefab panels.
► Brick and modular wall mounting and flush mounting.
► Ex. Flameproof model available for Hazardous applications..

FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance data logging computer software available (SCADA).
► HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air conditioning, cooling)
► Data Acquisition, Analysis and Processing
► Clean room application in Pharmacy industry. ► Parma Environments monitoring applications.
► Medical equipments. ► Portable monitoring.
Technical Specification:-
Input Nos. of input 1 nos .( DP - diffrenctial Pressure)
DP Diaphragm silicon , glass filed nylon and alumina ceramic
DP input Integral Or Remote (external)
Transmitter power supply 24V/5V DC @ 30 mA max, isolated from I/p & O/P.
Indication DP Channel-1 : 3 digit Seven segments 0.56” RED display.
Status indication 3-LEDs for visual alarms, buzzer for audible alarm, LED for 485-comm.
Range DP -10 to 10 mm / -25 to 25mm / -100-100 mm /-200 to 200 mm.....
Display Resolution mm wc : 0.1 / PA : 1 / Hpa :0.01
Accuracy DP 1 % on FS in all unit
Response time 1 sec
Communication Communication Protocol Modbus RTU RS- 485 Isolated communications.
Programmable parameter Baud rate , Parity , Node address , stop bit.
Read /write parameter Read: Process value ,decimal point. Write: Hi Low set point.
No. of slave ID Total 1-256 unit.
Set point / High scale / Low scale Full range as per input selection.
Programming of parameters Through 4 tactile keys (with password protections)
Alarm logic Full Scale HI OR Full scale Low
Other Mounting Wall/Bricks and modules wall Flush panel mounting.
MOC Box MOC Full S S 316 plate and sensor MOC :PP
Supply voltage Power consumption 24 v DC/ 230 v ac @ 4 watts maximum
Operating ambient temperature and humidity - 0~50 °C -           Below 90%, non condensing
Flame Proof Gas group I IIA IIB as per IS 2148/1981
Enclose certification Enclosure is certifies by C.M.R.I. Dhanbad
Display glass Clear glass thognet type A as per Is 2206
Degree protection IP 65 as per IS 2147
Material of constructions Aluminum alloy
Cable entry 2 x 3/4 “ ET
Datasheet | Manual