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Available size : 96x96-LCD,96x96-LED External Box : Ex. Flameproof or IP protected
UNITECH Instrument’s Model 1203 represents BATCH CONTROLLERS for Monitor your flow rate, keep a cumulative total, or select batch control. Models are available to accommodates virtually any need in flow monitoring and control. Choose from models that accept pulse or analog signal, and have a digital (RS-485) and analog signal output. Four-relay models available allow you to control valves, pumps, or other equipment to maintain desired flow, volume level, or dispensation. square root extraction to accommodate flow sensors that do not have linear outputs. This flow computer can easily be interfaced to PLC SCADA or DCS systems as various options like analog retransmission and RS 232/485-MODBUS or GPRS/GSM connectivity and
SCADA offers more flexibility and enables remote monitoring. display models are available with weather proof & Flame proof enclosure as an optional feature.

► Maximum 4 C/O on Batch values generated.
► Micro controller Based Powerful & highly reliable controller.
► 4-20 mA or 0-10 v or pulse (3 & 2 wire) input type.
► Potential Free Relay contact output 2 x flow and 2 x Totaliser.
► Liner or square root input selections with 0.1% Accuracy.
► Isolated 0/4-20mA retransmission output.
► All standard Batch Functions included.
► Highly communicative serial interface facility (RS 232/485).
► Maximum 4 C/O on Batch values generated.
► 24 v loop power supply for flow Transmitter.
► 8/10 digit Flow Totaliser with password protected resetting.
► Various Enclosures supported Weather proof or flame proof.
► User friendly menu for device configurations & calibration.
► Field Configurable flow range. sort key function for batch Start, Stop and Pause.
► Flow and Batch managements computer software available.
► Optional GSM mobile connectivity for remote data reading and logging Through SMS.

Suitable for Orifice , DPT/ Pitot tube /Turbine
Venturi and Vortex flow meters
Flow managements Computer software available.
Technical Specification:-
Input Input Type Currant 0 ~ 20mA dc , 4~20mA DC
Voltage 0-5V/1-5V, 0.5 -2.5V/0- 10 V DC
Pulse PNP / NPN / 2 wire namur type.
Transmitter power supply 24 V DC @ 30 mA max, isolated from I/p & O/P.
Range limits 0.1 to 99999 Programable with decimal point selection.
Accuracy +/- 0.1 % of span
Input impedance >330 K for Voltage & 100 R for current.
Indication Indication LED TYPE 5 digit Flow rate & 8 digit Totaliser-7 segment led display.
LCD TYPE 5 digit Flow rate & 10 digit Totaliser-16x2 line back lite
Status indication LEDs for Relay status & Communications
Alarm modes Very Low / Low / High / very High
Control Mode Batch Values 2 (Can be set in VALUE or %)
Output Relay Output • NO - C - NC Contacts , 5A@240 V AC Resistive
• 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Relays
Retransmission Current & Voltage outputs 0-20 mA/4-20 mA/0-10 v dc/0-5 v dc, fully 3 port isolated
Communication Programmable parameter & Connectable number Baud rate , Node, Parity , node address , stop bit. & 0-256 unit.
Wireless communication GSM/GPRS base mobile(sms) communications.
Set point / Hysteresis / High scale / Low scale Full range as per input selection.
Relay logic • F.S. high & low potential free contact
Display resolution - 0 to 99999 fully configurable for linear input
Programming of parameters Through 4 tactile keys
Other (A) Dimensions
(B) Panel cutout
(C) Mounting
(A)- 96(H) x 96(W) x 100(D)
(B)- 92 x 92
(C) panel mounted
(A) Supply voltage
(B) Power consumption
(A)- 110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
(B) 4 watts maximum
Operating ambient temperature and humidity •  0~50 °C 
•  Below 90%, non condensing
Flame Proof Gas group I IIA IIB as per IS 2148/1981
Enclose certification Enclosure is certifies by C.M.R.I. Dhanbad
Display glass Clear glass thognet type A as per Is 2206
Degree protection IP 65 as per IS 2147
Material of constructions Aluminum alloy
Cable entry 5 x 3/4 “ ET
External keys 4 nos puss buttons
Datasheet | Manual