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Available size : 96 x 96 Led display
Unitech’s Model UT-403 is Microprocessor based Auto Manual Controllers, and are designed to control and display control parameters.The instrument serves purpose of an A/M Controller along with an indicator with retransmission output. As an A/M controller, the instrument accepts 4-20 mA input from possible sources like DCS and gives at the output in the normal AUTO mode. During the possible breakdown,the control shifts from the AUTO mode to the MANUAL mode, and the user can now control the output 4-20 mA from the control keys provided on the front panel. This transfer is bumpless. Even in case of failure of A/M station, the controller continuos its control in auto mode. The optional auto bias feature of the instrument allows even manual to auto transfer bumpless. The bias is set automatically in manual mode to allow this bumpless transfer and then it can be changed by the same push buttons in auto mode. External feedback signal o/p from the A/M station allows controller to track A/M output in manual mode. The rates of change of output (in manual mode) and bias (in auto mode) are 1% and 10% per sec.. The instrument has a 4 digit display which displays the Output parameters as configured by the user.
Feature :

► Control and actual process value at a time.
► Universal input for both control and process value input.
► Bump less transfer from manual to auto with selectable rate programable on site.
► 2 relay on auto to manual change-over for alarm & control action.
► Isolated regenerated control output with 800 Ohms load capacity.
► Local or remote auto/manual change over facility.
► Non Volatile RAM for data restoring.
► Various sizes / Mountings / Enclosures supported.
► RS-485/232 Comm. O/P provided
► Power supply :230V/110V AC. Or 24V/12V DC

Computer Software Available (SCADA) for On line Process viewing, contorting & Data logging.
Technical Specification:-
Output 2 nos of 4-20 mA ( Analog outputs )
Output 1 ( Based on Auto/Manual state, Controller O/P ) [ Reverse mode also possible
Output 2 ( Based on the Process Value display ) - optional
Output Load Upto 800 ohms
Control Keys

Up and Down keys used to vary the output in the Manual Mode. When these keys are
Used along with F ( Fast ) key the output can be varied very Fast.

Used to get back the instrument in Manual mode
Used to get back the instrument in Auto mode
Indication 4 digit green/red LED for Controller O/P ( channel – 1 o/p for DCS )
4 digit green/red LED for Position feedback - optional
2 LEDs indication on the front fascia for : AUTO or MANUAL Indication

1 LED indication on the front fascia for Input = Output ( on channel – 1 )

Relay o/p 2 Relay outputs ( Digital outputs ) provided
First relay output on Instrument Fail & Second relay output on Auto/Manual selection
Accuracy Display accuracy of 0.15% of full span
Output accuracy of 0.15% of full span
Control output / Tracking time
Through 4 tactile keys
Other Mounting : panel mounted
(A) Supply voltage : 110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (B)Power consumption : 4 watts maximum
Operating ambient temperature :0~50 °C, and humidity :Below 90%, non condensing
Datasheet | Manual